Natural Maroc ‘Cherry’

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Our goatskin leathers are of the very finest quality because we insist on using the traditional and slow method of tree bark tanning before drum dyeing them to shade. We believe this is the only way to achieve a true ‘full grain’ leather, each skin displaying a beautiful, unique grain pattern like a fingerprint. Finished with a light layer of natural wax, this rich ‘Cherry’ red vegetable-tanned leather will develop a wonderful gentle patina with time and use.

Our goats lived a free range life, roaming fields and lush scrubland in rural India. Because of this, the skins will always show unique marks and patterns that have naturally occurred. These can include scratches and blemishes, occasionally the odd small hole, differences in grain texture, and sometimes a dappling change of colour too. These characteristics occur on every skin to a degree, and should be embraced as the individuality which makes this natural material so beautiful.

Goatskin is a very durable leather with minimal stretch, whilst also possessing a supple and flexible handle. This makes it ideal for all types of upholstery, such as deep button-tufting, desk and table inlay, bookbinding, and for use in accessories and clothes. Its enduring robust character also makes it particularly popular in high-traffic commercial areas, like hotels and restaurants.

As part of our tailored service, you can request to have your goatskin debossed with a ‘string grain’ or pattern of your choice. We can also skive the leather to a finer thickness by request. Skins can be successfully displayed using their suede side, although some dust and therefore colour-release can occur when the leather is new.

Panel Size Information

Goat skins are narrowest in width beneath their shoulders where the shape naturally scoops inwards. Should you require a rectangular panel, the maximum width will be determined by this narrow point.

If an alternative shape is requested (circle, tall and thin rectangle, square etc.) it may be possible to cut a shape with a wider width, or a taller length.

Skin sizes and dimensions are always taken from averages and are therefore approximate.

  • Natural Maroc 'Cherry' goat skin
  • Smallest skin in the batch
  • Average skin in the batch
  • Largest skin in the batch
  • Empty Field
  • 7sq ft skin
  • 8 1/4sq ft skin
  • 11sq ft skin
  • A = Average Panel Width
  • 52cm
  • 54cm
  • 62cm
  • B = Average Panel Height
  • 84cm
  • 86cm
  • 117cm
  • C = Average Skin Width
  • 96cm
  • 99cm
  • 114cm
  • D = Average Skin Height
  • 102cm
  • 118cm
  • 138cm


  • Name: Natural Maroc
  • Colour: Cherry
  • Animal: Goat
  • Thickness: 1.3 to 1.5mm, but can be shaved to 0.8mm to suit application
  • Minimum order: 1 skin
  • Skins range from: 7 to 11 sq ft
  • Average skin size: 8 1/4 sq ft