Italian Hide Palmellato ‘Siena’

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A traditionally made, fully vegetable tanned quarter cow hide. The hides are sourced in Scandinavia, then tanned, dyed and finished in Tuscany, Italy.

Palmellato literally translates as grained from Italian to English. It is a traditional Italian leather finish used for luxury products. The process involves drumming the leather by hand, using a special process of boarding where the leather is rolled back and forth with a wooden rolling pin, a natural striped ridged effect then begins to naturally form.

After being drum dyed to a burnt siena red, absolutely no other finishes are applied to the top of this leather so it has a beautiful untouched natural satin surface. Natural marks, such as fat wrinkles and scars can often be found in the skins creating beautiful patterns and impressions. This leather is able to build great character with time, looking better as it ages. Although this leather is dark in colour it will build a depth with a wonderfully rich and patina over time.

This is a leather that can be chosen if you a looking for a distressed, old leather or vintage look as although this is new, the characteristics of old and vintage leather genuinely build naturally with time and use, rather than emulating a look.

Due to the beautiful rolled ridged patterns this leather is forgiving of noticeable marks left on the surface, although it is good to bear in mind as this is a very natural product and scratches and contact with oil and grease will be noticeable. We can supply natural beeswax and citronella leather cream which with applications can ‘melt’ and blur marks into each other if needed. Regularly applying this leather cream also ensures the longevity of your leather pieces, keeping them soft and supple for many years.

This leather has no stretch, and is suited to upholstery of simple shapes and smooth panels, such as dining room chairs and seat panels. Due to this leathers stiffer handle, we advise deep buttoning and complicated shapes must only be attempted by the most capable upholsterers.

Panel Size Information

These cow hide leather pieces are cut from the butt of the hide as this section provides beautifully even-textured leather. When new, faint shave lines from the underside of the leather can sometimes be visible across the panels. With time and use these naturally fade away, and we often find that the handling of the leather by your upholsterer is enough for these lines to mellow and fade away.

Italian Hide Palmellato 'Siena'
Average skin size
10sq ft skin
A = Average Panel Width
B = Average Panel Height
C = Average Skin Width
D = Average Skin Height

Skin sizes vary widely within a batch. These measurements represent an average sized skin.


  • Name: Italian Hide Palmellato
  • Colour: Siena
  • Animal: Cow
  • Thickness: 1.0 to 1.2mm
  • Minimum order: 1 piece
  • Pieces range from: 8 to 14 sq ft
  • Average piece size: 10 sq ft
  • Price: £38.40 per square foot, including UK VAT

To request a sample get in touch with us by phone or email

If you’d like to place an order just tell us the number of pieces or the square footage you require.

We will select pieces from the same batch, but we cannot accommodate further selection requirements.

Please note that CFAs are not applicable for leather, because tone, colour and grain texture vary from batch to batch, skin to skin and even within a single skin. Similarly it is very hard to accurately capture these qualities in photos so we do not, as a rule, supply photos of leather selections.

We encourage you to come to our studio in Camberwell, London and select the pieces yourself from our current stock if you are worried about suitability for your job.

We’re happy to ship anywhere in the world! Customs duties and taxes may apply if purchasing from outside the UK and we cannot predict these charges. Please account for these and be prepared to pay them upon delivery.