Linen Pile Velvet ‘Bracken’

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Our classic, Lancashire made Linen Pile Velvet is a luxurious medium weight cloth with a strié weave and distinctive ‘disturbed pile’.

Woven with a cotton base and linen pile, the uneven surface makes this fabric very accommodating and sympathetic to use and wear. Soft to the touch, and both smart and rugged looking; depending on the context you place it in.

The term velvet comes from the Latin vellus, meaning a fleece. Woven since at least the middle ages, when it was widely used by both royalty and the church as a status symbol.

An easy fabric to pair other dependable materials with, such as leather, canvas or heavy linens, or contrasted with fine materials of opposing texture, such as our Irish beetled linen. This velvet is suitable for heavy wear upholstery and cushions, and a brilliant choice for decedent and heavy looking curtains.

Cleaning Advice

Washing will flatten the pile of the velvet, but in our experience, hot tumble drying should re-invigorate it once again. This can be a bit of an experiment however, as different water types and detergents can have an effect on this. The less risky option is to dry clean this velvet. It is not a pre-shrunk fabric, but minimal shrinkage should occur upon cool washing or dry cleaning.


  • Name: Linen Pile Velvet
  • Colour: Bracken
  • Composition: 40% linen (pile), 60% cotton (base)
  • Total fabric width: 147cm
  • Useable fabric width: 141cm
  • Repeat size: n/a
  • Minimum order: 1 metre for retail customers, 2 metres for trade customers
  • Available in increments of: 10cm
  • Price: £84 per metre, including UK VAT

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