Shaped Face Mask

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After endless weeks of trialling different shapes, types of elastics, stitch sizes and linings we finally ended up with a mask we all liked; only to have news of a new vaccine on the horizon announced just hours later. C’est la vie and hurrah all at once! We’d much rather these were a short-ish run anyway and we can go back to wearing lipstick. Get em’ while they last!

These face masks are only being made using remnant materials from Howe business operations. If your favourite pattern is out of stock, please join the specific waiting list for that face mask and we’ll let you know when more arrive.

  • Outer layer made from 100% linen fabric, only using remnant material
  • Lined with a fine organic cotton fabric which sits next to the skin
  • Machine washable
  • Adjustable elastics to hopefully give the perfect fit for every face shape, though we specifically recommend our pleated face masks for those blessed with large faces!
  • Handmade in London paying the London Living Wage
  • £1 from each mask sold is donated to Client Earth

We used the designing and making of these face masks as a trial for a new era of more conscious and transparent product development at Howe. Please click here to read more about this, and also study our costing spreadsheet!

End Of Life Disposal

We commit to considering and planning for the most sustainable and circular end of life scenario for every product we design and bring to market from now on, including provisions for the dispatch packaging.

Any packing we receive for ‘goods-in’ is reused for ‘goods-out’ to limit the amount of new packaging we have to use.

We hope your face mask will last a very long time and be repaired, if needed, prior to being disposed of and replaced with a new one. If you require any components for repairs (such as replacement silicon toggles or new elastics) please get in touch with us.

End Of Life Disposal Of The Mask

You have two options


Return your mask to us (in any condition!) and we will follow the steps below;


Do it yourself; take a pair of scissors and separate the elastic and toggle from the fabric part of the mask.

Unfortunately the elastic and silicon toggles cannot be easily recycled (yet!) so this has to go in your normal waste bin.

The fabric part of the face mask should be put in a textile recycling bin. These can be found in the carparks of most large supermarkets, and at your local tip. The Recycle Now website will guide you to your nearest textile recycling bin location.

You can also find textile recycling schemes in many large high street stores such as Marks & Spencer & TK Maxx, where they will take textiles of any kind, not just their own labelled goods.

All of these routes lead to textile recycling plants, where wearable garments are sorted from unusable textiles and either sold within the same country or sent abroad for donation or resale.

Unusable fabric scraps are repurposed in two ways;

  • The first is being sold to the “flocking” industry for shredding and re-spinning into new yarns. Mills grade incoming materials according to their type and colour. Colour sorting means no re-dyeing is needed, saving energy and avoiding pollutants. Our Gustav and Frude striped fabrics contain recycled fibre yarn.
  • The second use avoids the need to spin new yarn; the scrap fabric is simply shredded and compressed to create new textile fillings for applications such as home insulation, and mattress and upholstery padding.

The Bureau of International Recycling website is an excellent reference for learning more.

End Of Life Disposal Of The Packaging

We dispatch our face masks in unbleached manilla paper bags and envelopes. These should be put into your normal recycling bin, or into a specific paper/cardboard bin if your local council forces further sorting.

Cleaning Advice

Whilst our face masks can endure 60 degree washing and tumble drying we recommend washing at 30 degrees and line-drying


  • Name: Shaped Face Mask
  • Fabric: Thimble Print Linen 'Mr Men'
  • Price: £25.00

Buy a few masks & pay a lower price!

Mix & match across our different patterns. Add them to your basket & the discount will apply automatically.

Prices listed are per mask & include VAT & delivery within the UK with Royal Mail

Title Range Discount
1 Mask 1 - 1 £25.00
2 Masks 2 - 2 £17.50
3 Masks 3 - 3 £16.50
4 Masks 4 - 4 £15.75
5 Masks 5 - 5 £15.50
6 Masks 6 - 6 £15.40
7 Masks 7 - 7 £15.25
8+ Masks 8 + £15.00