Polished Nappa ‘Truffle’

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A buttery soft, traditionally made, fully vegetable tanned sheepskin leather. Sourced in New Zealand where the leather is tanned, then dyed to rich truffle brown in the south of France, and finally polished in Northampton, England.

The skins are finished with a layer of natural wax which is hot ironed to melt into the leather, providing a beautiful lustrous surface. This leather will mark and burnish with use, and eventually build a deeper colour with a very rich patina, getting more characterful with time. Natural marks, such as fat wrinkles and scars can often be found in the skins creating beautiful patterns and impressions.

This is a leather that can be chosen if you a looking for a distressed, old leather or vintage look as although this is new, the characteristics of old and vintage leather genuinely build naturally with time and use rather than emulating a look. At first marks will be noticeable, especially with contact with oil, grease or water, but will look fantastic once the odd marks build and blend into an all-over patinated finish. We can supply natural beeswax and citronella leather cream which with applications can ‘melt’ and blur these marks into each other if needed. Regularly applying this leather cream also ensures the longevity of your leather pieces, keeping them soft and supple for many years.

This leather is of an all over firmer handle, and each skin can vary slightly in its thickness, with the areas of the neck being thicker than areas in the lower back. Its suited to upholstery of simple shapes and smooth panels, such as dining room chairs and seat panels. Due to this leathers stiffer handle, we advise that deep buttoning and complicated shapes must only be attempted by the most capable upholsterers, after the leather has been kneaded to soften.

Panel Size Information

Sheep skins are narrowest in width beneath their shoulders where the shape naturally scoops inwards. Should you require a rectangular panel, the maximum width will be determined by this narrow point.

If an alternative shape is requested (circle, tall and thin rectangle, square etc.) it may be possible to cut a shape with a wider width, or a taller length.

Polished Nappa 'Truffle' sheep skin
Average skin size
10sq ft skin
A = Average Panel Width
B = Average Panel Height
C = Average Skin Width
D = Average Skin Height

Skin sizes vary widely within a batch. These measurements represent an average sized skin.


  • Name: Polished Nappa
  • Colour: Truffle
  • Animal: Sheep
  • Thickness: 1.2 to 1.6mm
  • Minimum order: 1 skin
  • Skins range from: 7 to 13 sq ft
  • Average skin size: 10 sq ft
  • Price: £32 per square foot, including UK VAT

To request a sample get in touch with us by phone or email

If you’d like to place an order we can help you work out the quantities you’ll need for your project. Let us know your cutting panel sizes (or have us discuss this directly with your upholsterer). If this is not possible, we can start the process with just a photo of your piece of furniture and some dimensions.

We aim to supply you with the optimum skins to match your project requirements from our current stock.

We’re happy to ship anywhere in the world! Customs duties and taxes may apply if purchasing from outside the UK and we cannot predict these charges. Please account for these and be prepared to pay them upon delivery.

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