Recycled Ripstop ‘Khaki’

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Our Ripstop is a canvas type fabric, easily distinguishable by its crosshatch weave pattern. A medium weight cloth, and extremely strong, it is a practical and interesting choice for covering upholstered furniture, or making heavy drapes.

We are thrilled to say that our Recycled Ripstop fabric is woven using yarn created from recycled fibres. The fabric is a 50/50 mix of cotton and polyester, the cotton recovered from trimmings from clothing factories and the polyester fibre created from shredding down used plastic bottles. 

100% nylon ripstop fabric was first developed in World War II for parachute cloth, as an economical and stronger alternative to silk parachutes. Our version is heavy and cotton rich, with the criss-cross of polyester reinforcement yarns woven in at regular intervals, greatly increasing the resistance of the fabric to ripping or tearing while also providing a handsome subtle texture.

Our concept was to create a practical and utilitarian style fabric with a slightly faded and dry look, that would only look better and better the more it was used and worn, like an old heavy cotton tent or truck tarp. We encourage ‘living tough’ with this fabric, using it for loose covers that you will want to wash over and over again, as it will get even more interesting when a patina of old marks has built up, like a vintage tarp or sail cloth. Ripstop works extremely well on fixed upholstery; as-well as very heavy drapes, blinds, loose cushions and tote bags.

Proudly woven in Lancashire, England and dyed in the Scottish Borders.

Cleaning Advice

Our Ripstop washes well on a cool setting. It is pre-shrunk, but please expect further minimal shrinkage if you later wash it again, as all fabric shrinks a little when freshly washed.


  • Name: Recycled Ripstop
  • Colour: Khaki
  • Composition: 50% cotton, 50% polyester
  • Total fabric width: Approx 144cm
  • Useable fabric width: Approx 140cm
  • Repeat size: n/a
  • Rub count face side: 30,000
  • Fire retardency: Complies with Cigarette Test (BS 5852, Part 1:1979, Source 0) and Match Test (BS 5852, Part 1: 1979, Source 1)
  • Minimum order: 1 metre for retail customers, 2 metres for trade customers
  • Available in increments of: 10cm
  • Price: £160 per metre, including UK VAT

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