Vintage Beetled Linen ‘Sparrow’s Egg’

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Our Vintage Beetled Linen is a fine weight, Irish woven vintage linen cloth. It has been dyed with delicacy and lightness in mind, to a subtle pastel blue shade. It is then beetled, giving it a slightly stiff handle like a freshly starched shirt, and a beautifully smooth and lustrous surface; the resulting characteristics of the unique beetling process where the linen is wrapped around a iron beam, then repeatedly pounded with wooden hammers, which crushes, smooths and polishes the cloth.

This linen works wonderfully made up into curtains, as the slightly stiff handle gives a sculptured look to the drape. An interior designer client once remarked to us that this linen made up into the best pair of curtains she had ever seen – high praise indeed! Also very suitable for Roman and roller blinds, or for lampshades and scatter cushions, or occasional use upholstery. The slightly stiff and starchy feel of this linen can be used to great effect on deep buttoned or tufted furniture, as neat and sharp folds, and pleating, can easily be achieved.

This beetled linen has similar properties to silk fabric, where contact with water or grease could leave a mark on its surface, and repeated marking would build with time to an interesting overall picture of gentle patination; akin to the beautiful patina that leathers and suedes develop with use. Alternatively, the application of Scotch Guard spray reduces the likelihood of water staining, should you wish to keep the linen looking ‘as new’ for the longest possible time. We encourage taking the relaxed approach and letting any marks build up, and enjoying the effect of this unique characteristic. This advice is likely only relevant if you wished to use this linen for upholstery, as opposed to drapes and blinds which are unlikely to become marked through use.

Cleaning Advice

The cloth can be washed on a cool setting, but please expect some shrinkage as its not pre-shrunk. Washing will remove the shiny finish, and most of the slightly stiff handle. Ironing it on the highest temperature setting, while the linen is still a little damp, will re-smooth the linen, though not fully replace the original beetled shine.


  • Name: Vintage Beetled Linen
  • Colour: Sparrow's Egg
  • Composition: 100% linen
  • Total fabric width: 144cm
  • Useable fabric width: 142cm
  • Repeat size: n/a
  • Minimum order: 1 metre for retail customers, 2 metres for trade customers
  • Available in increments of: 10cm
  • Price: £95 per metre, including UK VAT

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